You Can Handle It!

It’s MONDAY and a snowy one at that, but it’s yours, all yours! Well maybe not all yours if you have kids and they are off from school today. As soon as I woke up I was hit with the million dollar question “when can we go outside” and then asked every 5 minutes after that. So maybe today isn’t totally all mine, but if I hide for long enough a good part of today is mine. When working from home there is a very fine line that often gets blurred of how and when to get things done. My [Continue Reading]

Start Today!

When I was in college my favorite professor was the one who made me feel like everything I did was complete and utter crap! Yes I loved every minute of it!! You may think that is crazy but I love to be told what I can be doing better. Good is not good enough for me. Average is just not going to do it. I do not want to settle for okay and neither should you!! Yes there is something to be said about the quote that makes me feel so free to be me “Done is better than perfect” but [Continue Reading]