Once Upon A Time with Jen Anderson

  Once Upon a Time, there was this amazing woman in my life. Her name was Madeleine, but everyone called her Dolly. She was one of those people that made every person she talked to feel like the center of the universe and she was my Grammy.  She always knew just what to say and what to do. She was the best listener, fun to be around, and thoughtful beyond measure.     Grammy’s wedding portrait with the wristlet created from her wedding gown.   Family was everything and she made the most of her time with each and every [Continue Reading]

Dreamland Fairy | launch party at pucciManuli

Oh no the fairies ran out of stories to tell! Luckily Addison and Sophia with the help of their mamas Ami Van Dine & Cassie Slane have created the Dreamland Fairy house so the fairies can visit the children while they sleep to hear all the wondrous dreams in their head and bring them back to Fairyland. The legend of the Dreamland Fairy began today at pucciManuli for everyone who purchased their very own kit. The Dreamland Fairy comes with an unpainted wooden house, paint, paintbrush, fairy dust and a delightful book by Ami & Cassie and beautifully illustrated by Yvette Ruzicka. [Continue Reading]