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Once Upon a Time, there was this amazing woman in my life. Her name was Madeleine, but everyone called her Dolly. She was one of those people that made every person she talked to feel like the center of the universe and she was my Grammy.  She always knew just what to say and what to do. She was the best listener, fun to be around, and thoughtful beyond measure.


 Once Upon a Time Creation Wedding Gown Wristlet

Grammy’s wedding portrait with the wristlet created from her wedding gown.


Family was everything and she made the most of her time with each and every member. All of us have our own special memories of how she influenced our lives. When I was little, she let me win at the board game Uncle Wiggly until she decided it was time to learn how to lose. When I was in college, she just seemed to have this sixth sense that I was running out of money and a card with $20 would show up in my mailbox. When I had my kids, she beamed with pride.

When Grammy started to forget to add the sugar to her famous cheesecake or get lost driving to our house, it became obvious that she was falling victim to Alzheimer’s disease, as much of her family had before her.


Once Upon a Time Creation 2

Grammy with her great-granddaughter.


As her condition worsened, the team of family that stepped up to take care of her was a true testament to how she lived. Her three surviving children worked together to come up with a schedule that provided her with the care she needed. She spent time living with each of her children so that she could remain home with family as long as possible. Fortunately for us, she remained calm and peaceful until her last breath and was able live with family until the end.

For anyone who has cared for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, you know that the time and effort to provide care is similar to caring for a toddler in both fortitude and strength. It truly takes a village. The difficult difference is the knowledge that their life is ending, not beginning. When Grammy’s children needed a break or additional support, the grandchildren stepped in and did all they could to care of this woman who had brought so much joy to their lives.

After Grammy lost her struggle, there was a hole in our hearts. On the first Christmas without Grammy, my Mom and I created keepsakes for the family from Grammy’s clothes. I designed a memory blanket from her sweaters for my mom and she quilted angel ornaments from Grammy’s favorite pjs for everyone in the family.

Once Upon a Time Creation Angel Ornament

These special gifts meant so much to my family, we knew that others should also have the opportunity to share meaningful keepsakes with those they love. That was the beginning of Once Upon a Time Creation.

As all things do, our business has grown and changed over the years, but the mission is the same…to help you celebrate your memories in a new way. You save clothes for a reason, they hold special memories for you. They are not meant to be stuck in storage. They are meant to be enjoyed every day in a meaningful way that brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. The possibilities are endless and we love the whole process…getting to know you, designing each piece, and sharing your memories.

So what’s your story? Have you saved sentimental clothing?

I would love to hear from you,



Once Upon a Time Creation transforms your treasured clothing, such as t-shirts, baby clothes, your wedding gown, and more into custom keepsakes designed just for you. Please visit their website to shop memory blankets, ornaments, bags, totes, lovies, pillows, and custom pieces. Jen is always available by email (jen@onceuponatimecreation.com) or phone (610-202-7850).

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