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Do you have picky eaters? Chances are if you have kids you have picky eaters! I guess the question is when to know if your child is just going through a phase and when to seek help. I recently found this book at the Marple Library and immediately thought of one of our local mamas.


Kristin Quinn owner of Toddlers and Tomatoes is a Feeding Consultant specializing in supporting families who are struggling at mealtimes. Kristin established her parent support service, Toddlers and Tomatoes, after realizing that parents with children who have difficulty at meals were not being educated and supported in meaningful ways. From picky eaters to kiddos with more pervasive feeding issues, Kristin can help families identify obstacles, set reasonable goals, and stick with a plan for improving mealtimes for the entire family. Kristin’s goal is to make sure parents feel heard and supported, and empowered to make positive changes. In addition to her support packages, Kristin also offers a personalized meal plan service, using your grocery list to create 4 weeks of dinners, including recipes and weekly shopping lists.

One of the things that resonates from Kristin’s teachings is only giving kids small portions and asking them to just take one bite. In the story “Dinnertime for Chickies” three mamas try and get their kids to try foods they thought they didn’t like by using that one bite method.


I am usually satisfied if my kids do take that one bite. They either realize that they actually do like it or maybe they don’t but I feel like taking that one bite is a big step in the right direction. If your kids are having a hard time with mealtimes and you are feeling alone in the battle there is help!

I am delighted to introduce our very first guest blogger Kristin Quinn. In Kristin’s most recent blog post we learned her kids are picky eaters too!

Thank you bizzy mamas for allowing me to be your first guest blogger! I love the support and camaraderie that bizzy mamas offers to those of us trying to do it all! It’s true. My kids are picky eaters, but I like to refer to them as challenging eaters. It’s hardly ever about the taste of food! Unfortunately, there are some kiddos whose eating habits really go above and beyond what we all think of as typical kid behavior at mealtimes. Many of you might be wondering at what point it turns from typical kid behavior to a more serious feeding issue. The way I see it, if you are spending hours upon hours googling ‘picky eater’ or ‘how to improve my child’s eating’, or anything like that – it’s time to get some help! Even if your child doesn’t have a diagnosed medical reason for their behavior at mealtimes, if you are stressed out about it, and it is an issue every day or at every meal, you need some help and guidance. It’s time to get help when you are consumed by your child’s eating, you are concerned about their growth and nutrition, or every mealtime is a battle.

Side note: there are some simple things that you can try to see if you can eliminate the battle at mealtimes. My main goal at Toddlers and Tomatoes is to help you identify what makes sense for you and your kiddo. Maybe you just need a hug and some advice. Maybe you need to have an evaluation by a GI doctor or other specialist. Maybe you need someone to tell you everything is fine. Whatever you need, I am here to help you find it.

For anyone interested in learning more about feeding issues in children, or me and my services, I am excited to announce that I will be talking with Julia Sherwin of Perspective on Parenting on her radio show. For people local to West Chester, Pa, Tune in Monday October 20th at 1:00pm to WCHE 1520 am. After the broadcast, the show will be available online on Julia’s website.

I look forward to hearing that talk show Kristin. Very exciting! Kristin maintains an active Facebook page, with tips and advice, as well as a weekly blog via her website. Looking for less stressful mealtimes head over to Kristin’s blog for 3 steps!
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