lulus casita 2.0

The mama’s were out early this morning with kids in tow to celebrate the re-opening of lulu’s casita. After a 9 day hiatus, the play cafe opened it’s doors again to moms and babes for a day of fun and companionship. Two of our mamas were front and center of the mini renovation–Vivi Zayas, co-owner of lulu’s casita and Kim Barr, of Kimberly Barr Interior Design. These mamas out did themselves and the new layout, play areas and textiles show their love of play and decor.


New features included: a custom 8ft train table that has square cut outs in the center for kids to have better access to the tracks, an interactive world map for children to learn about the world using colors and magnets, a play kitchen set, a construction wall for fine motor skills with different hooks, latches and knobs, along with tubes for small balls to flow down, knocked down walls, a spacious cafe area, and tons more room!


Kim’s eye for design and textile was everywhere you looked. Newly covered stools lined the cafe counter, the vintage chic bulletin board at check out caught everyone’s eye and the brightly colored branch mobiles delighted moms and babes alike.



The kids gravitated toward the new train table, which was a collaboration with neighboring store pucciManuli. Owner, Carrie Kohs’, expertise in the children’s toy arena was a huge bonus to the lulu’s team as they prepped for the big reveal. The construction wall was also a new treat for the kids to explore without being told not to touch.blog_lulu03

One feature that is still a hit was the slide. Good, clean, classic fun! The mamas loved their morning out at the casita and will to be playful!




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