For Sale | How to Have a Successful Yard Sale from Carrie s Essential Services

Whew! Getting ready for a yard sale is no joke! Luckily I had these tips to help me from Carrie’s Essential Services. Carrie Kauffman is a local Professional Organizer who works on the Main Line and surrounding area. She is an expert in her field when it comes to anything organized. She works with families and small business owners. Here are her tips on how to have a successful and organized yard sale.

1. Signage:

You want to make sure you give people all of the important information pertaining to the sale. Include, time, date, full address and  items that you’ll be selling. You want to give potential buyers a reason to come to your sale over others. Get kids involved and have a lemonade stand or even bake sale. Post an ad on Craigslist as people will look there first for local sales in your area.

2. Items to Sell and Not Sell:

Sporting equipment, tools, jewelry. baby items and glassware are get items people are  looking to buy. Make sure you clean your items before putting them out on the tables. You want people to be able to buy and go home and use the same day. Item’s that don’t sell, stuffed animals, TV’s and books.

3. Clearly Label and Displaying Items:

Take the time to clearly tag all items. Group large quantity items in a bin and mark the bin. Display items like a store. Place jewelry in a shallow box or hang them on a necklace holder. Hang all clean clothes on hangers. Have a long standing mirror or even hand mirror for buyers to see what items might look like on before they buy. Taking the time beforehand to prep your items will pay off when shop your sale.

4. Make the Sale:

People love to negotiate on prices and be open to negotiating with them. Remember you don’t want to bring those items back in your house. Have an outlet cord available to show buyers that your items do work. Have batteries, measuring tape available as well. Have those extra small boxes, plastic bags and store bags available for them to carry things away from the sale. Also make sure you have enough singles for your change box.

5. Free Items:

Have a free bin of those items that you want out of the house but isn’t really aren’t hot items such as books, stuffed animal etc. At the last hour of your sale if items aren’t moving place two or three items in every 10 minutes. People love coming at to those last hours as they know you’ll slash the prices or put items out for the trash or donations. At the end of your sale if you still have a good amount of items then box everything up and donate it. Call your local charity or pack up your car and drop it off. If it was brought out then it doesn’t go back in.

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