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Oh no the fairies ran out of stories to tell! Luckily Addison and Sophia with the help of their mamas Ami Van Dine & Cassie Slane have created the Dreamland Fairy house so the fairies can visit the children while they sleep to hear all the wondrous dreams in their head and bring them back to Fairyland.



The legend of the Dreamland Fairy began today at pucciManuli for everyone who purchased their very own kit. The Dreamland Fairy comes with an unpainted wooden house, paint, paintbrush, fairy dust and a delightful book by Ami & Cassie and beautifully illustrated by Yvette Ruzicka.

When I first heard of the Dreamland Fairy I was immediately intrigued as I had been researching the invention process and stumbled upon these two mamas who did it. I love seeing inventions come to life and even better when it happens locally. In only a year Dreamland Fairy has become a reality.

I think I was more excited walking into pucciManuli than my daughter to get our Dreamland Fairy;) It was a pleasure meeting Ami & Cassie. Cassie is one of our bizzy mamas and we hope Ami will join us as well. The bizzy mamas love to spread the news about other women working hard to run a business. We also know it is hard to network with the demands of your family and home. Finding that balance isn’t always easy but the mamas are not only great to network with but we also provide support.

When possible we always like to support a fellow mama so I knew when I heard of the launch party I had to attend. And I have been awaiting the arrival since I learned of Dreamland Fairy so there was no question! There were sweet treats for all who attended as well as a creative area for painting and letting your imagination run free.



Those who decided to paint their houses at the launch party were very focused as they decided what they wanted their Dreamland Fairy house to look like. There were painting stations located inside and outside of the store. I had never been to pucciManuli before but I have heard great things. If you are looking for something unique this is the place. Their mission is to showcase toymakers and tell their stories. Today marked a beautiful beginning to the story of Dreamland Fairy that I know will have a very happy ending.



My daughter was super excited about her new Dreamland Fairy and couldn’t wait to get home to paint it!



On our way out we got to see the giant Dreamland Fairy house that made it’s way all around town the past few months allowing kids a chance to paint a small area and being part of something really big! Although we arrived at the beginning of the kickoff I am sure it was a huge success. Since my kids are like bulls in a china closet I knew our time was limited before they started to bring the place down. The Dreamland Fairy started their week on Zuilly and I have already seen advertisements of stores it will be popping up in next. It is really an amazing product, the concept, the design, logo and experience all exceptional. Move over on the shelf, elf… the Dreamland Faires are coming through. This is sure to be the next big thing and I know every little girl is going to want one. I am actually headed over to pucciManuli tomorrow to get two more for gifts.

Once we arrived home Ella insisted on getting started right away. My original plan was to go to the launch party myself and hold onto this as a gift when she was a little older but since her nap had already been canceled today due to a 15 minute snooze on our way to our morning adventure there was no way she was sleeping now. I helped her choose where to put the colors and she painted and then rubbed them in with her finger. Looking back I should have just let her go for it but her painting projects usually turn brown due to mixing all of the colors together so we worked on this together. She did paint everything except for the purple and doorknobs which she let me do. I know, I know I should have let her do whatever she wanted… she will get another one I am sure and next time I promise to let her imagination run wild! Pinky swear:)



We read the Dreamland Fairy story tonight twice together and she read it once by herself.


Her brother even wanted to read it tonight too and wants his Dreamland Fairy for boys. I have a feeling tomorrow morning we might need to figure something out for him. Together Ella and I opened the roof-top flower door for the fairy to enter and listen to her dreams. She was out like a light tonight as she curiously starred at her new little fairy house.


Ami & Cassie are the perfect examples for their children to follow their dreams. They dedicated the book to their children “May you always follow your dreams as you grow…” what an amazing statement for all of us to wish for our kids and ourselves! Tonight we will be waiting for our Dreamland Fairy are you waiting for yours?

Your mama, Buzz on.






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    Congratulations Ami & Cassie! The launch party looks like it was a huge success!

    What a beautifully written, and photographed piece! Thank you for all the support and encouragement you give to the bizzy mamas.


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