Once Upon A Time with Jen Anderson

  Once Upon a Time, there was this amazing woman in my life. Her name was Madeleine, but everyone called her Dolly. She was one of those people that made every person she talked to feel like the center of the universe and she was my Grammy.  She always knew just what to say and what to do. She was the best listener, fun to be around, and thoughtful beyond measure.     Grammy’s wedding portrait with the wristlet created from her wedding gown.   Family was everything and she made the most of her time with each and every [Continue Reading]

WAHM: 10 Tips for Success

Do you ever  feel like you’re failing at everything? Do you feel like you’re short-changing yourself, your kids, your career, and your partner? Finding the balance as a Work At Home Mom (WAHM) can be challenging. In fact, it’s an ongoing challenge for myself, even though I’ve been doing it for two and a half years now. Since having my second child, I’ve found finding time to work more difficult– boy did I take a one-nap-a-day schedule for granted! I find myself feeling overwhelmed more frequently. As I started thinking about this post, I realized I haven’t been putting these [Continue Reading]

How Sweet It Is

Today The Sweet Trading Company officially opened their second location at the Rosemont Farmers Market. The mamas were there to cheer on owner Jody Peskin as she made her launch and of course there to buy some sweet treats as well! The only home of The Sweet Trading Company before today was in Narberth but now you can satisfy your sweet tooth at two locations. The Sweet Trading Company specializes in Artisan crafted chocolates. Jody uses Belgian chocolate and only the best ingredients. The Sweet Trading Co. started as a far off dream that began with Jody spending hours in [Continue Reading]