Keep It Bright

There is something about a new year that is so exciting. I love a fresh start, who doesn’t love something new! In recent years there has been a trend to say goodbye to the resolutions and instead create goals. By definition a resolution is so ridged. “A firm decision to do or not to do something.” Resolutions leave no wiggle room. At the very start you set yourself up for failure. Goals on the other hand are defined as “an aim or desired result.” I can aim and you can too, so go ahead AIM HIGH!! I think the challenge is not [Continue Reading]

Best Kept Secrets for Sanity when Selling Your Home

Have you been bitten by the Spring Real Estate Market? Is HGTV the only channel your TV is set on? Well maybe it is time to take that plunge… But before you do venture into the very active, very competitive market make sure all your ducks are in a row! Duck #1: Speak with a local mortgage consultant to figure out what price house you are comfortable purchasing. They will check your credit and get ready to get out your recent pay stub, tax records and your first born. You will need plenty of documentation! Make sure they are local and [Continue Reading]

Let’s have coffee | The importance of one on ones

Stop and think for a minute, how much time do you devote to one on ones, if at all? Who was the last person that you met for coffee and more importantly why did you meet? Did you meet because you wanted something from them or did you meet because you had something to give? Maybe you simply wanted to meet to learn more about them or to catch up. The trick to one on ones is balance. One on ones can get tricky if every time someone asks you to meet it is because they want something from you. [Continue Reading]