Best Kept Secrets for Sanity when Selling Your Home

Have you been bitten by the Spring Real Estate Market? Is HGTV the only channel your TV is set on? Well maybe it is time to take that plunge…

But before you do venture into the very active, very competitive market make sure all your ducks are in a row!

Duck #1: Speak with a local mortgage consultant to figure out what price house you are comfortable purchasing. They will check your credit and get ready to get out your recent pay stub, tax records and your first born. You will need plenty of documentation! Make sure they are local and Trid compliant. Trustworthy financing will affect the strength of your offer!

Duck #2: Find your Realtor. The one that will be by your side and help you navigate the buying waters. Not your cousin’s realtor or Aunt Sue but one that you connect with! Interview a few and get some outside references. Make sure they know the area you are looking in. When the market gets crazy you want someone who has the inside track. Believe me you will be spending many hours together!

Duck #3: Open Mindedness… say Namaste, take a breath. Think you know where you want to be, those 4 streets in the neighborhood where you grew up? Think there is only one style of house you love? Be open minded! Consider different areas, different types of homes. Buying a home is emotional, not all intellectual. You might hate split levels until you walk into the one house on the wrong block that has the perfect view from kitchen to yard, and that’s the one you buy! In a competitive market it’s good to consider all options. Drive around, get to know the different neighborhoods.

Duck #4: Manage your Expectations… not everything is perfect, a house is a used item. A very used item sometimes. Rome wasn’t built in a day and a house can be made a home. As you live in it it takes on your personality. Give it love and it will love you back!

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