We are a group of women who are very passionate about our business, family and being successful rocking both!

One way to build success is to get out there and “be social”! But if you like us your first priority is to your children and family and getting out there might not be so easy. This group was built to help those who want to network but have a limited amount of time to devote to it. Networking is a very important tool especially for small businesses.

Our main goal is to establish relationships built on supporting one another and helping each other grow!

This is an active community of entrepreneurs who are interested in working together to build a sense of trust and really get to know one another… so get ready to have some fun!

Not a mom? Not a problem… anyone who promotes and supports moms and our main goal is welcome!


Tina Nerelli and Stephanie Gambescia Seal are the co-founders of the bizzy mamas. They work as managing partners for the group and are business owners themselves. Tina is a newborn photographer, owner of chase and ella and Stephanie is an event planer, owner of Seal Events.

Tina is a chocoholic and a recovering Coca-Cola addict who loves pink, newborn props, laughing, dancing, and letting her creativity shine. A former graphic designer and high school art teacher now newborn photographer, wife and mom to a 4 and 6 year old. She loves spending time with her family and believes life is too short to be anything but HAPPY!

Stephanie is a lover of plaid, DIY projects, tea, mirrored furniture, gummi bears, pinwheels, gold moire dresses, family and friends. She has a 5 year old son and loves helping her clients turn the vision they have for their special day into reality by creating unique concepts and fun event ideas.

Both Tina and Stephanie love meeting new women, learning about their businesses and working together to create a supportive community of entrepreneurs!